Riddick 1

Riddick without his goggles (take note to his eyes)

Richard B. Riddick


possibly mid-thirties


Pitch Black(2001)

The Chronicles of Riddick(2004)



Former Lord Marshall


Riddick is a main character in The Chronicles of Sailor Moon, a crossover set in the live action series. He is a Furyan, a long thought extinct warrior race, and is among the only survivors. In 'The Chronicles of Riddick 'franchise, he is played by Vin Diesel. 


Riddick was born sometime on Furya. The planet was then attacked by an army led by a young warrior. The warrior killed all the Furyan males, and male infants, even going as far as to strangle them with their own unmbilical cord. Riddick had survived but later had no memories of the events. He was at some point captured, and taken to Butcher Bay, a triple max prison, where he gained his eye shine, which alsos him to see in the dark at the cost of his eyes being sensitive to bright light which allowed him to escape. After some time he was captured yet again and was no his way to New Mecca but the ship was damaged, and crashed on a nerby planet with three suns, leaving only him and 9 other survivors. The group discover that the planet's only living native's are creature that cannot survive in the light. However the escape is delayed when the planet enters a month-long solar eclipse that happens every 22 years, leaving the outside world pitch black. In the end only Riddick, a holy man named Imam, and a 12-year old girl named Jack, whom was pretending to be a boy, but was discovered after Riddick discovered at some point she was in her period. After the three had a run in with mercenaries, Riddick goes into hiding while Imam, and Jack go thier seperate ways. He is forced to go to Helion Prime, and meets the Necromongers. He reunites with Imam on the planet but is killed by a necromonger, and Jack, now named Kyra, after he is captured by mercenaries, and put into Crematoria. He has a battle with the Lord Marshall, the same warrior whom lead the attack on Furya, and kills him after the latter escapes death from Lord Vakko, a Necromonger commander. Kyra is killed after being impaled. Riddick becomes the new Lord Marshall, following a "You keep what you kill" order.    

The Chronicles of Sailor MoonEdit

Riddick comes to Earth, sometime after becoming Lord Marshall. After landing in Tokyo, Riddick is betrayed by Lord Vaako and is stranded on Earth. He later encounters the Sailor Senshi during a run from the police during a fight where he nearly kills a group of thugs trying to rob him. He is at first thought to be a youma, but he becomes their only hope.

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