Sailor Eclipse is the alter-ego of Umbra, the princess of the Dark Kingdom. After many years of her mother training her to become the new Sailor Fighter, she was put into action. But in the middle of the fight, a Black Phoenix emerged from a rift behind her and carried her away. The Phoenix convinced her that she didn't have to follow in her mother's footsteps, and dodged the fact that she was destined to become a Sailor Guardian terribly. Umbra went back to the Dark Kingdom and told her mother, who was about to hypnotize her but failed when Umbra stunned her with a punch then disappeared. Now she thinks about her choice while fighting evil, with a boy named Calem convincing her that she can be who she wants, mainly by saying, "You don't have to hide from others; You are who you are, and nobody but you can change that."

Princess Eclipse
Sailor Eclipse 2