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Hey there! And welcome to the Sailor Moon Fanon Wiki (or SMFW for short)! We welcome any Anime fan who has a fan-made story, character, picture, game, or thing SailorMoon-related! What is fan-made? It is when a fan of a particular series dreams up something (such as a character) that could be part of that series, and decides to draw them out, write a story, or anything else involving that "something". For example: DracheaRannak, a former DeviantArt member, had created fan-made characters, such as Sailor Earth and Sailor Sun. But his characters are not official. Why? Because they are Fanon. What is Fanon? Really just the same thing as something fan-made: unofficial and made by the fans.


This is an example of Official Content. (C) Naoko Takeuchi and TOEI Animation.

User created

This is an example of Fanon material, in this case an OC. It is not only part (c) TOEI and Naoko-sama, but it's also part (c) limited2gal

Confused? Take this picture of Sailor Moon. I don't own it, you caught me. BUT this is an official picture of Sailor Moon.

I do not work for Sailor Moon's animation company, and I am not Sailor Moon's mangaka. So because it's official, I not own it.

Get it? I had a feeling you got lost...

Now look at the picture below, and I will explain further.


Ta-Dah! See how this picture is different than the one above? This character has wisteria-colored hair, a short haircut, an aqua collar and skirt. This is called an Original Character (or OC for short)! OC's are unofficial characters. Pictures of OC's can range from slightly-edited official pictures, to start-from-scratch drawings. This example shown is not heavily-edited. Because I created this character, I own her copyright; but because this image is literally based off an official picture, TOEI ANIMATION owns some of this picture, too.

This is Otaku Mimuki

BAH! I'm getting into too much detail LOL! Go, and have some fun on the wiki!

So What Is This Again?Edit

One of my favorite wiki's is MySims Fanon Wiki. One day, I noticed there was no Sailor Moon Fanon Wiki, despite its large fan-base. How could the once-ultra-popular SailorMoon not have a Fanon Wiki, but MySims, a less popular series, CAN? And so was the day that I created the Sailor Moon Fanon Wiki. I'm still new at being an admin, so if you have advice for me, I will gladly take it. And if you are an Admin on another wiki I know, and are interested in joining this one, I will gladly hire you as a SMFW Admin.

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