Sailor Moon Shadow is part of the Dimensions world.

She appears only in the 3rd part of the saga. 

In the 3rd part, she's part of the "normal" Sailor Moon universe, and is part of Sailor Moon's team, being awakened at the same time as Sailor Moon.

Tsukino Selene
AKA Sailor Moon Shadow

Sailor MoonShadow Supreme

TitleSoldier of Shadows

Dark Knight of the Moon Dark Queen Moon Princess Moon Queen

FullnameSailor Moon Shadow
Real NamePrincess Selene
Other NameTsukino Selene
BirthdateJune 30th
Height170 cm
Professional Status
Debut PlaceDimensions 3 - Ep.1 Sailor Senshi?
Current PlaceDimensions 3 - Starlights Arc

Teen Idol Sailor Senshi

SpecialityMind reading

English French German

TeamSailor Moon's

Moon Empire Senshi

Transformation & Powers
Current HenshinSupreme Sailor Moon Shadow
Other HenshinDark Moon Shadow
Special HenshinRoyal Sailor Moon Shadow
PowersShadow manipulation

Memories manipulation Memories materialzation

BrotherTsukino Shingo/ Prince Usil
SisterTsukino Usagi/ Princess Serenity
MotherTsukino Ikuko/ Queen Serenity
FatherTsukino Kenji/ King Iraklio
Team-matesSMT: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Pluto, Sailor Saturn;

MES: Sailor Sun, Sailor Orion, Sailor Astarte, Sailor Polaris, Sailor Vernalis, Sailor Aldebaran, Sailor Bellatrix.

OthersNeo Sailor Star Lights;

Chibiusa; Seiya Kou.

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