Unlimited Chaos is the first series of three and a crossover between Sailor Moon and Sonic The Hedgehog. Many characters from both series, as well new will appear.

Story Edit

Doctor Eggman gets a new dark energy from the Chaos. With it, he builds better robots and summons demons. Not only Sonic The Hedgehog and his friends are going to stop him. The five Sailor Scouts from Tokyo are trying to stop him too. Will they sucuess?

List of episodes Edit

  1. A new world
  2. New friends[1]
  3. They'all meeting
  4. The sailor scouts
  5. The Speed of Sound
  6. Seven Chaos Emeralds
  7. Friend or foe?
  8. The first two
  9. Shadow appears!
  10. The Chaos Control
  11. The first six emeralds
  12. Too many demons!
  13. The final emerald
  14. Super Sonic!
  15. The new search for emeralds
  16. Hitting the false goal
  17. Princess Serenity
  18. Not the best day
  19. Demons against Demons
  20. Dark Power - Part 1
  21. Dark Power - Part 2
  22. The master emerald
  23. All chaos emeralds get!
  24. Eggmans flying base
  25. Metal Sonic
  26. A old enemy
  27. The Final Battle - Part 1
  28. The Final Battle - Part 2
  29. The Final Battle - Part 3
  30. Back to Mobius

Sequels Edit

A second series, named Unlimited Chaos II - The chaos saga and a third series, Unlimited Chaos III was released later.

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