Unlimited Chaos II - The Chaos Saga is the second series of the Sonic and Sailor Moon crossover Unlimited Chaos. It haves an appearance from an Sonic fan character, Dark the Hedgehog.

Story Edit

After Unlimited Chaos, Sonic and his friends are back in his world. One day, a friend of Sonic, Dark the Hedgehog, went to Tokyo, because he heared that a meteor is falled in Tokyo. As he reaches the meteor, he senses a strong dark energy. Then, Dark is heading a headache. The dark energy, or well more known as the Chaos, tried to overtake Dark. And he sucessed. The from Chaos controlled Dark is laughing, and his eyes are turning from Red to purple.

One day later, Sonic wents to tokyo, to search Dark there. He dosen't sucess. But then, he meeted Usagi and her friends once again. Together, they are searching after Dark. Soon, they are finding him, being controlled from Chaos. Now, the 5 Sailor Scouts and Sonic, are going, to find Dark and save him from Chaos.

List of episodes Edit

  1. The Return of the Chaos
  2. Back to Tokyo
  3. Searching for the emeralds
  4. The Return of the Anima Mates
  5. Shadow disappeared!

(Coming Soon)

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